Vol 11, No 1 (2009)

MARCH 2009

Table of Contents


An Investigation of the Performance of Due Process Mechanism in the Execution of Construction Projects in Nigeria PDF
Ayangade J. A., Wahab A.B., Alake O. pp. 1-7
Seismic Progressive Collapse: Qualitative Point of View PDF
H. Wibowo, D. T. Lau pp. 8-14
Kriging-Based Finite Element Method: Element-By-Element Kriging Interpolation PDF
F. T. Wong, W. Kanok-Nukulchai pp. 15-22
Predicting Nonlinear Behavior and Stress-Strain Relationship of Rectangular Confined Reinforced Concrete Columns with ANSYS PDF
T. Tavio, A. Tata pp. 23-31
Influence of Plastic Waste Fibers on the Strength of Lime-Rice Husk Ash Stabilized Clay Soil PDF
A. S. Muntohar pp. 32-40
The Effects of Different Curing Methods on the Compressive Strength of Terracrete PDF
J. A. Ayangade, O. Alake, A. B. Wahab pp. 41-45
Flood Mitigation of Nyando River Using Duflow Modelling PDF
J. Joleha, V. Maino, A. Adyabadam, W. Zhao, S. Ke, T.H. Le pp. 46-57
Wind Affected Density Current Profile in a Small Semi-Enclosed Water Body PDF
B. S. Purwanto pp. 58-68