Vol 12, No 1 (2010)

MARCH 2010

Table of Contents


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An Appraisal of Project Procurement Methods in the Nigerian Construction Industry PDF
Babatunde S.O., Opawole A., Ujaddughe I.C. 1-7
Owner and Contractor Perceptions Toward Factors Causing Delays in Structural and Finishing Works PDF
Andi A., Lalitan D., Loanata V.R. 8-17
Sidoarjo Mud: A Potential Cement Replacement Material PDF
Nuruddin M.F., Bayuaji R., Masilamani M.B., Biyanto T.R. 18-22
Compressive Strength of Volcanic Ash/Ordinary Portland Cement Laterized Concrete PDF
Olawuyi B.J., Olusola K. O. 23-28
Study on Reactivity of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ashes in the Presence of Water PDF
Salain I.M.A.K. 29-35
Building Blocks Incorporating Waste Materials Bound with Bitumen PDF
Thanaya I.N.A. 36-43
Effect of Steel Fibers on the Behavior of Over-Reinforced Beams Subjected to Pure Torsion PDF
Gunneswara Rao T.D., Rama Seshu D., Warnitchai P. 44-51
Development of Spectral Hazard Map for Indonesia with a Return Period of 2500 Years using Probabilistic Method PDF
Asrurifak M., Irsyam M., Budiono B., Triyoso W., Hendriyawan Hendriyawan 52-62


Behavior of Expansive Clay of Ngawi Region (East Java) Under Water Content Variation PDF
Muntohar A.S. 63-64