Vol 13, No 1 (2011)

MARCH 2011

Table of Contents


Seismic Properties of Moment-resisting Timber Joints with a Combination of Bolts and Nails PDF
Awaludin A., Hayashikawa T., Oikawa A., Hirai T., Sasaki Y., Leijten A.J.M. 1-5
CPT-Based Interpretation of Pile Load Tests in Clay-Silt Soil PDF
Prakoso W.A. 6-14
Estimating the Distribution of Air Voids in Concrete PDF
Beasman L.E., McCuen R.H. 15-20
Analysis of Journey to Work Travel Behavior by Car and Bus in the Sydney Metropolitan Region PDF
Suthanaya P.A. 21-28
Numerical Simulation of Threat-Independent Progressive Collapse PDF
Elvira E., Mendis P., Whittaker A. 29-36
Boundary Conditions for 2D Boussinesq-type Wave-Current Interaction Equations PDF
Mera M. 37-41
Kriging-Based Timoshenko Beam Element for Static and Free Vibration Analyses PDF
Wong F.T., Syamsoeyadi H. 42-49
Shear Response of Fibrous High Strength Concrete Beams without Web Reinforcement PDF
Sudheer Reddy, L., Ramana Rao, N.V., Gunneswara Rao, T.D. 50-58