Vol 14, No 3 (2012)

Special Edition

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF


Safe and Sustainable Tall Buildings - State of the Art PDF
Mendis, P. 121-126
Generalized Fragility Relationships with Local Site Conditions for Probabilistic Performance-based Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Inventories PDF
Lau, D.T., Vishnukanthan, K., Waller, C.L., Sivathayalan, S. 127-138
Queuing Rule of Thumb based on M/M/s Queuing Theory with Applications in Construction Management PDF
Kardi Teknomo 139-146
Limitations in Simplified Approach in Assessing Performance of Façade under Blast Pressures PDF
Lumantarna, R., Ngo, T., Mendis, P. 147-155
Seismic Assessment of Structures in Regions of Low to Moderate Seismicity PDF
Lumantarna, E., Lam, N., Wilson, J. 156-165
Effects of Live Load on Seismic Response of Bridges: A Preliminary Study PDF
Wibowo, H., Sanford, D.M., Buckle, I.G., Sanders, D.H. 166-172
Global Multidisciplinary Learning in Construction Education: Lessons from Virtual Collaboration of Building Design Teams PDF
Soetanto, R., Childs, M., Poh, P., Austin, S., Hao, J. 173-181
Integrating Emotional Intelligence, Political Skill, and Transformational Leadership in Construction PDF
Sunindijo, R.Y. 182-189
Learning from Local Wisdom: Friction Damper in Traditional Building PDF
Lumantarna, B., Pudjisuryadi, P. 190-195
Towards Rational Design Method for Strengthening of Concrete Structures by External Bonding PDF
Ueda, T., Zhang, D., Furuuchi, H. 196-204

Technical Notes

Structural Strengthening using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer PDF
Hartono . 205-208