Vol 17, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Seismic Waves Scattering Impact through Tunnel Excavation on Adjacent Monuments Subjected to Far Field Earthquakes PDF
Ghobakhloo E., Pourlak M., Razmkhah A. 59-66
Prediction of Crack Width Due to Corrosion of PC Tendon in Prestressed Concrete Structures PDF
Maryoto A., Shimomura T. 67-75
The Influence of Seismic Parameters on Site Response PDF
Asakereh A., Jamali H., Naderi E. 76-87
Application of Spatial and Network Analysis to Evaluate Shelter Plan for Tsunami Evacuation PDF
Sutikno S., Murakami K. 88-94
Community-Based Approach in A Small Scale Irrigation Project in Indonesia: Ways and Advantages PDF
Istijono B., Ophiyandri T. 95-100
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Hollow Steel Columns Strengthening by CFRP PDF
Keykha A.H., Nekooei M., Rahgozar R. 101-107
OTTV (SNI 03-6389-2011) and ETTV (BCA 2008) Calculation for Various Building’s Shapes, Orientations, Envelope Building Materials: Comparison and Analysis PDF
Loekita S., Priatman J. 108-116
Obituary: Professor Joseph Andy Soesilo - Founder of Jurnal Dimensi - predecessor of Civil Engineering Dimension journal PDF
Hardjito D., Lumantarna B.

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