Vol 18, No 1 (2016)

MARCH 2016

Table of Contents


Managing Pre-Construction and Construction Risks on Project Sites in Abuja-Nigeria PDF
Jimoh R.A., Sani M.A., Adoza A.I., Yahaya I. 1-7
Effect of Cement Replacement with Carbide Waste on the Strength of Stabilized Clay Subgrade PDF
Muntohar A.S., Hartono E., Diana W., Rahmawati A. 8-15
Predicting the Response of Shear-critical Reinforced Concrete Beams using Response-2000 and SNI 2847:2013 PDF
Suryanto B., Morgan R., Han A.L. 16-24
The Application of Statistical Design of Experiments to Study the In-Plane Shear Behaviour of Hybrid Composite Sandwich Panel PDF
Fajrin J. 25-30
Analysis of Rainfall Characteristicsfor Flood Estimation in Way Awi Watershed PDF
Kusumastuti D.I., Jokowinarno D., van Rafi’i C.H., Yuniarti F. 31-37
Location Analysis of Freight Distribution Terminal of Jakarta City, Indonesia PDF
Nahry Nahry, Tjahjono T., Iriantika B., Semedi J.M. 38-48
Guideline for Survey, Investigation, and Design of Black Spot Location (SID-BSL) and Its Application in Lampung Province, Indonesia PDF
Susilo B.H. 49-56
Absorption Characteristics of Cement Combination Concrete Containing Portland Cement, fly ash, and Metakaolin PDF
Folagbade S.O. 57-64

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