Vol 18, No 2 (2016)


Table of Contents


Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Specimen Size in Determining Fracture Parameters of Concrete PDF
Atur P. N. Siregar, M. I. Rafiq, M. Mulheron 65-71
Reinforced Concrete Finite Element Modeling based on the Discrete Crack Approach PDF
Sri Tudjono, Han Ay Lie, Sholihin As’ad 72-77
Creep Properties of Walikukun (Schouthenia ovata) Timber Beams PDF
Ali Awaludin, Ngudiyono Ngudiyono, Achmad Basuki 78-84
Comparing Performance of Government and Private Clients in Construction Projects: Contractors’ Perspective PDF
Jati Utomo Dwi Hatmoko, Riqi Radian Khasania 85-92
Study on Shear Behavior of Concrete-polymer Cement Mortar at Elevated Temperature PDF
Khuram Rashid, Tamon Ueda, Dawei Zhang 93-102
Effect of Temperature on Precipitation Rate of Calcium Carbonate Produced through Microbial Metabolic Process of Bio Materials PDF
Prima Yane Putri, Keiyu Kawaai, Isao Ujike, Saya Yamamoto 103-108
Proposed Design Graphs of Geotextile Reinforcement on Soft Clay under Various Field Conditions PDF
Putu Tantri K. Sari, Yudhi Lastiasih, Sugiarto Sugiarto 109-116
Implementation of Decision Support System for Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Sustainable Mariculture Development Industry in Indonesia PDF
Surya Hermawan 117-126