Vol 20, No 1 (2018)

MARCH 2018

Table of Contents


A Numerical Investigation on the Structural Behavior of Deficient Steel Frames Strengthened using CFRP Composite PDF
Amir Hamzah Keykha 1-7
Development of the DKMQ Element for Analysis of Composite Laminated Folded Plate Structures PDF
Foek Tjong Wong, Kristofer Widjaja 8-15
Stabilising Potential of Sawdust Lignin based Extracts in Compressed Lateritic Bricks PDF
Fadele, O.A, Ata, O.J. 16-20
Metaheuristic-Based Machine Learning System for Prediction of Compressive Strength based on Concrete Mixture Properties and Early-Age Strength Test Results PDF
Doddy Prayogo 21-29
Wave Trajectory Study on the Coast of Lhoknga, Aceh Besar, Indonesia: A Numerical Model Approach PDF
Ichsan Setiawan, Mohammad Irham 30-34
Performance of an Existing Reinforced Concrete Building Designed in Accordance to Older Indonesian Seismic Code: A Case Study for a Hotel in Kupang, Indonesia PDF
Pamuda Pudjisuryadi, Benjamin Lumantarna, Ryan Setiawan, Christian Handoko 35-40
Evaluation of a Reinforced Concrete Wall Macroscopic Model for Coupled Nonlinear Shear-Flexure Interaction Response PDF
Joko Purnomo, Jimmy Chandra 41-50