Civil Engineering Dimension

Civil Engineering Dimension (CED) is a peer-reviewed journal supported by Petra Christian University.

The Civil Engineering Dimension (CED) was first accredited by the Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesia in 2000, with its decree No. 395/DIKTI/Kep/2000. Since then, CED has been honored with the accreditation status without any interruption. The latest accreditation decree is No. 51/E/KPT/2017, dated 4 December 2017, valid for 5 (five) years. CED has been granted the status of green tick by DOAJ (

The Civil Engineering Dimension (Dimensi Teknik Sipil) is a refereed journal, published twice a year, in March and September.

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Vol 20, No 1 (2018): MARCH 2018

Table of Contents


A Numerical Investigation on the Structural Behavior of Deficient Steel Frames Strengthened using CFRP Composite PDF
Amir Hamzah Keykha 1-7
Development of the DKMQ Element for Analysis of Composite Laminated Folded Plate Structures PDF
Foek Tjong Wong, Kristofer Widjaja 8-15
Stabilising Potential of Sawdust Lignin based Extracts in Compressed Lateritic Bricks PDF
Fadele, O.A, Ata, O.J. 16-20
Metaheuristic-Based Machine Learning System for Prediction of Compressive Strength based on Concrete Mixture Properties and Early-Age Strength Test Results PDF
Doddy Prayogo 21-29
Wave Trajectory Study on the Coast of Lhoknga, Aceh Besar, Indonesia: A Numerical Model Approach PDF
Ichsan Setiawan, Mohammad Irham 30-34
Performance of an Existing Reinforced Concrete Building Designed in Accordance to Older Indonesian Seismic Code: A Case Study for a Hotel in Kupang, Indonesia PDF
Pamuda Pudjisuryadi, Benjamin Lumantarna, Ryan Setiawan, Christian Handoko 35-40
Evaluation of a Reinforced Concrete Wall Macroscopic Model for Coupled Nonlinear Shear-Flexure Interaction Response PDF
Joko Purnomo, Jimmy Chandra 41-50