Vol 14, No 2 (2012)


Table of Contents


The Impact of Changing Storage Area on Flood Magnitude and Occurrence PDF
Kusumastuti, D.I. 57-63
Soil Liquefaction in Padang due to Padang Earthquake 30September 2009 PDF
Hakam, A. 64-68
Settlement Control of Soft Ground using Cement-Ricehusk Stabilization PDF
Chan, C-M., Mokhtar, M. 69-76
The Effectiveness of Emergency Response System’s Service Providers for Road Accidents in Johor Bahru, Malaysia PDF
Mustaffa, A.A., Kazunori, H. 77-83
Influence of Curing Age and Mix Composition on Compressive Strength of Volcanic Ash Blended Cement Laterized Concrete PDF
Olawuyi, B.J., Olusola, K.O., Babafemi, A.J. 84-91
Increase on Strengths of Hot Weather Concrete by Self-Curing of Wet Porous Aggregate PDF
Sampebulu’, V. 92-99
The Stability Analysis of the Lusi Mud Volcano Embankment Dams using FEM with a Special Reference to the Dam Point P10.D PDF
Agustawijaya, D.S., Sukandi . 100-109
A Simple Technique to Determine Interface Slip of Stud Connected SCC Girders PDF
Prakash, A., Lakshmanan, N., Anandavalli, N., Madheswaran, C.K., Iyer, N.R., Rajasankar, J. 110-120