Vol 15, No 2 (2013)


Table of Contents


Evaluating Functional and Structural Condition Based Maintenances of Airfield Pavements PDF
Tarefder, R., Ahmed, M.U., Rahman, M.M. 71-80
Seismic Behavior of Fatigue-Retrofitted Steel Frame Piers PDF
Kinoshita, K. 81-88
Corrosion of Steel Reinforcements in Fly Ash- and Kaolin-based Geopolymer Concrete Immersed in Distilled Water and ASTM Seawater PDF
Astutiningsih, S., Rustandi, A., Noermalasari, D. 89-95
Performance of Periwinkle Shell Ash Blended Cement Concrete Exposed to Magnesium Sulphate PDF
Umoh, A.A., Olusola, K.O. 96-101
Contractors Perceptions of Effects of Project Overhead Costs on Building Project Performance in South-South of Nigeria PDF
Ujene, A.O., Idoro, G.I., Odesola, I.A. 102-113
The Effects of Water Content Variation on Adhesion Factor of Pile Foundation in Expansive Soil PDF
Tjandra, D., Indarto, ., Soemitro, R.A.A. 114-119
Influence of Rainfall Patterns on the Instability of Slopes PDF
Muntohar, A.S., Ikhsan, J., Liao, H.J. 120-128
The Optimization Model of Runway and Gate Assignment PDF
Nahry ,, Tjahjono, T., Satiti, Y.J. 129-136