Boundary Conditions for 2D Boussinesq-type Wave-Current Interaction Equations


  • Mera M. Civil Engineering, University of Andalas, Padang



Boundary condition, Boussinesq, wave, current, free surface


This research focuses on the development of a set of two-dimensional boundary conditions for specific governing equations. The governing equations are existing Boussinesqtype equations which is capable of simulating wave-current interaction. The present boundary conditions consist of for waves only case and for currents only case. To simulate wave-current interaction, the two kinds of the present boundary conditions are then combined. A numerical model based on both the existing governing equations and the present boundary conditions is applied to simulation of currents only and of wave-current interaction propagating over a basin with a submerged shoal. The results of the numerical model show that the present boundary conditions go well with the existing Boussinesq-type wave-current interaction equations.


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