A Novel Implementation of Nature-inspired Optimization for Civil Engineering: A Comparative Study of Symbiotic Organisms Search


  • Doddy Prayogo Department of Civil Engineering, Petra Christian University, Jalan Siwalankerto 121-131, Surabaya 60236
  • Min-Yuan Cheng Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Handy Prayogo Department of Civil Engineering, Petra Christian University, Jalan Siwalankerto 121-131, Surabaya 60236




Constrained optimization, nature-inspired, symbiotic organisms search, symbiotic relationship.


The increasing numbers of design variables and constraints have made many civil engineering problems significantly more complex and difficult for engineers to resolve in a timely manner. Various optimization models have been developed to address this problem. The present paper introduces Symbiotic Organisms Search (SOS), a new nature-inspired algorithm for solving civil engineering problems. SOS simulates mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism, which are the symbiotic interaction mechanisms that organisms often adopt for survival in the ecosystem. The proposed algorithm is compared with other algorithms recently developed with regard to their respective effectiveness in solving benchmark problems and three civil engineering problems. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed SOS algorithm is significantly more effective and efficient than the other algorithms tested. The proposed model is a promising tool for assisting civil engineers to make decisions to minimize the expenditure of material and financial resources.


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