Optimization of resource leveling problem under multiple objective criteria using a symbiotic organisms search


  • Doddy Prayogo Petra Christian University
  • Christianto Tirta Kusuma




resource leveling, optimization, metaheuristic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, symbiotic organisms search


Bad scheduling and resource management can cause delays or cost overruns. Optimization in solving resource leveling is necessary to avoid those problems. Several objective criteria are used to solve resource leveling. Each of them has the same objective, which is to reduce the fluctuation of resource demand of the project. This study compares the performance of particle swarm optimization (PSO) and symbiotic organisms search (SOS) in solving resource leveling problems using separate objective functions in order to find which one produces a better solution. The results show that SOS produced a better solution than PSO, and one objective function is better in solving resource leveling than the others.


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