Vol 16, No 1 (2014)

MARCH 2014

Table of Contents


Analyses of Steel Bridge Circular Columns using Fiber Model considering Local Buckling PDF
Kinoshita, K. 1-7
Effect of Rigidity of Plinth Beam on Soil Interaction of Modeled Building Frame Supported on Pile Groups PDF
Ravi Kumar Reddy, C., Gunneswara Rao, T.D. 8-17
Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Reverse Bending and Straightening Process on Carbon Steel Bars used for Civil Engineering Applications PDF
Adewole, K. K., Bull, S. J. 18-23
Design Aspect of including Infill Wall in RC Frame Design* PDF
Sukrawa, M. 24-32
Travel Time Estimation and Prediction using Mobile Phones: A Cost Effective Method for Developing Countries PDF
Satyakumar, M., Anil, R., Sivakumar, B. 33-39
Prediction of Missing Streamflow Data using Principle of Information Entropy PDF
Santosa, B., Legono, D., , Suharyanto 40-45
Trust to Contractor in Housing Construction PDF
Chandra, H.P., Limanto, S. 46-53
SWOT Analysis of Housing Co-operatives in South Africa PDF
Jimoh, R.A., Van Wyk, J.J. 54-60